Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website, created for everyone who wants to change their looks.

We manufacture natural wigs – made from real human hair. We have 16 years of experience in shipping our wigs to various countries – not only in Europe, but also worldwide. Our products are worn by movie stars and celebrities, which vouches for their high quality.

Our company has functioned for 16 years under a different name, but changes demanded the creation of a new brand: “Dorothy Wigs – Professional Hair”. What was left intact is the excellent quality of our services, provided by our highly qualified personel.

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Our team consists of weavers with over 20 years of experience in wig production, which guarantees outstanding quality of our products, along with comfortable and long-lasting usage of our wigs.

We create our wigs from scratch, starting with a project made with our customer, up until the final product. All the parameters can be set by the customer. We are happy to accurately and profesionally advise on them, so that the customer receives a product which brings him joy and pleasure.

About our products

uzupelnianie 1We manufacture wigs only from hand-picked, natural – human – and healthy hair. We purchase hair from the European market, so they are usually of slavic origin. We have found that this is the best quality of hair – durable and not prone to tangling.

We also offer lace wigs (hair extensions), which are the best advancement in wig-making to date. Lace wigs are:

  • unnoticeable – it’s not likely that anyone will notice, that your hair isn’t actually yours – and if you tell them, their reaction will be priceless,
  • imperceptible – the light construcion will make you forget that you have a wig – these are words from our satisfied customers
  • breezy – the skin of your head can easily breathe, which makes you sweat less – this comfort is indescribable,
  • practical – you can play sports, swim, run, go biking – without worrying that the wig might fell off (it’s not possible),
  • reliably manufactured and well fitting – you can do anything as if you had your own hair – a priceless comfort.

We make wigs for women, men and children – not only for people who want to change their looks, but also for those who need wigs due to medical side effects such as: chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia areata. We examine reasons of hair loss in the Genesis section of our website.

We create full cap wigs, half wigs, toupees & hairpieces in accordance to the individual demands of our customers.