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Wig-making is our passion. With our help, you’ll forget about your problem. We’ll improve your looks, as well as well-being, and make it so that your life isn’t full of distress due to your hair loss, hiding your head under caps, headscarfs and other head coverings. We’ll change your view of the world and vice versa. We’ll provide you with hair of the best quality, along with support in keeping it that way and – if needed – regeneration support, over the full span of usage. No matter how long you’ll keep using your hair, you can always reach out to us for help or advice. We care about our customers’ satisfaction on each stage:

  • before purchase – during individual consultation, while selecting the proper parameters,
  • during purchase – when the order is being processed and completed, we provide you with a temporary replacement wig (paid extra),
  • after purchase – we strongly care about our clients on this stage – that’s why most of them are returning customers, even after over a dozen years.

We will gladly help at any moment, providing professional advise and technical support.

We have many wigs in stock, of which you can choose, try on, fit and adjust toyour needs, so that you can see the product before making the purchase. In the case of a custom order, you may cancel it at any time, only paying the cost stated in our agreement.